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Solidarity Tourism in Salvador de Bahia

Nice trip on Tinharé’s Islands


Since R$ 599,00* per person (5 nights / 6 days)

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For each reserve by site , you get a free boat trip on Morro !!

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The excursions

Discovery day:

On a fast boat, you will explore the archipelago of Tinhare with its three main islands. Tinhare island with Garapua and its natural swimming-pools. Further South, you will enjoy eating a freshly fished lobster on a desert beach in Boipeba island. Finally, after boating through the mangrove swamp, you will visit the Franciscan convent from the 17th century.

Robinson day:

In a typical Bahianese boat, you will sail along the coasts of Morro de Sao Paulo until you can take a natural regenerating clay bath from the beach of Gamboa. Depending on the tide, we will stop at the desert sand band of 'Coroa' and taste a fresh grilled fish at the very end of 'Currual'. There, you will be able to walk for miles on white sand beaches.

Cavalgada Day:

For fans of horse riding, we strongly recommend a horseback ride on the desert beaches of Morro de Sao Paulo. Then, we will explore the coconut-tree plantations until we reach the wild beach of Garapua. Located in the middle of a mangrove swamp, this beautiful white sand beach will be an ideal spot for a swim and share lunch of local food specialties.

Fishing Day:

At the exit of the estuary of the 'Rio Una", there is a very rich submarine wildlife, with a vast variety of fish. At the aurora, we will embark with all fishing equipments. We will first fish for sardines with our fishing nets, in order to use them as baits for our next fishing session. Either dragging from the boat or standing still, fans of fishing will take advantages of good hints from local fishermen to try to catch few fishes, while sun arises on the sleepy island.

Nature escape Day (in progress):

Sailing up the 'Rio Una', we will enter a National Park of 9,000 hectares. In the middle of the aquatic flora and natural falls, we will discover the rubber tree and the culture of rubber, cocoa seeds and many other types of trees among 250 different softwood listed in the Parc. You will also discover an amazing wildlife with more than 300 types of birds living in the far piece of land. There are possibilities to stay over night and practice rafting and rappelling.